Inspired by the strangest of sources

Writing for me has become a passion but like many it ebbs and flows. I’m inspired by the strangest source. For several weeks I have been harbouring the thought that really to write here I need to write to someone – someone special. I know who that person is. I have an idea of how I want to approach the subject of a scientific – to some extent – blog that combines first person. Still I hadn’t done it. And then I read the plea.

An impassioned blogger who writes about the most intimate of things – she lays all on the table. Articulate, hardworking, and still after several years of writing going strong. She examines the changes that writing has brought, the challenges and still she writes. Some people translate this kind of passion into novels or charity or… She has chosen anonymity and though thousands read her work – as she points out a small town dailys worth of readers she is largely unknown. People complain that she adds advertising to support her writing. Still she writes. She is quoted and sin of sins not linked to by large news organizations.

Still she writes. Ultimately because we write to know ourselves. Should the world look over our shoulders and discover that they enjoy our writing – well – that’s nice.

So I write to discover the beauty of the San Juans. Struggle to capture the attraction of me to the sea. To the islands of the sea. Somehow I’m captured by this elusive dream of a book I read as a child of pottering about with sailboats in the Norfolk Broads. Captured by the line from “The Wind in the Willows” repeated by sailors the world over -“There is nothing- absolutely nothing- half so much worth doingas simply messing about in boats.”

All of this is true. And now I write.







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