Fraser Basin Council

One of the things that I learned very quickly about ecology and landscape management was that there is always a context. In the San Juans a major part of the context is the Fraser Valley. That there is a group that is focussed on this area and that they are producing a “Sustainablity Report Card” annually is wonderful.

The Fraser Basin Council has undertaken a number of initiatives including:

  • preparing for the next great Fraser River flood,
  • controlling the spread of invasive plant species,
  • managing the effects of climate change,
  • strengthening rural communities,
  • developing a sustainable fish and fisheries strategy,
  • building constructive aboriginal and non-aboriginal relationships and
  • measuring our progress towards sustainability.

It is this last that produced the Sustainability Report. While some of the Report strikes me as “Soup of the Day” – there are parts that are truly imaginative in delivering a State of the Union snapshot.


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