Varied Thrush – Ixoreus naevius

BirdWeb – Varied Thrush

So we all know that what we know as the Robin is really the American Thrush? After our wild snowstorm (November 26, 2006)we set up our regular winter feeding station. And we watched the regular winter visitors – juncos – chickadees and such.

And so when the red breasted bird showed up I thought robin. And then I saw that there was kind of a checked pattern to the tail. Spotted Towhee and then he turned and I saw a dark collar. Not a Towhee – one of the birds that are new to me since I came out to Washington.

So off to the web and clearly a Varied Thrush after some sleuthing. This thrush is common but rarely seen. It loves the underbrush and wilds of forested areas unlike its near neighbour that thrives on urban and suburban lawns. I got some lovely pictures.


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