Month: November 2006

  • Varied Thrush – Ixoreus naevius

    BirdWeb – Varied Thrush So we all know that what we know as the Robin is really the American Thrush? After our wild snowstorm (November 26, 2006)we set up our regular winter feeding station. And we watched the regular winter visitors – juncos – chickadees and such. And so when the red breasted bird showed […]

  • Balancing Business and Ecology…

    ScienceDaily: Mixing Exploitation And Conservation: A Recipe For Disaster Near and dear to my heart are those stories and studies that look at finding the balance between human survival – business and the ecosystem in which they exist. This study was done in Holland with an exquisitely ecosystem adapted bird. The red knot is a […]

  • Orcas on the Edge – National Wildlife Magazine

    Orcas on the Edge – National Wildlife Magazine This little gem caught my eye while I was browsing my email. Part of a typically well orchestrated campaign by the National Wildlife Foundation – the email was asking my support in Adopting an Orca! Good idea or not. Is it true? Are the orca really within […]

  • Simple Orca sociology

    When I started reading about Orcinus orca I was pleasantly surprised. They are all over. Very much a symbol of the islands. The house down the street is “Orca Villa”. Bumper stickers. Sports teams. But as I started reading I was quickly fascinated by a couple of things. How recent a lot of the knowledge […]