Month: October 2006

  • Scottish Influence Runs Deep

    San Juan Island Lodging at The Highland Inn Bed and Breakfast, outside Friday Harbor, WA I keep running into this website wherever I turn in the last few weeks. Well linked and well liked I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it as a wonderful place to stay if you are visiting San Juan […]

  • Missing orcas (killer whales)

    Researchers fear five missing killer whales are dead Almost certainly this link will rot but until it does. So who is missing? Three Southern K28 – Raven – 12 year old female – last seen Sept 19th L43 – Jellyroll – 34 year old female – last seen Sept 2nd L71 – Hugo – 20 […]

  • Salish Sea Reprise

    In my search for info on the Salish Sea I came across a much more articulate individual that writes in much the same vein as I. Salish Sea is a blog description of one of the more inspiring moments in the forest life. Transcendental or not the quiet closeness of the observation of the forest […]

  • Some Day’s Sunshine

    Sitting in the sunshine at Whitby’s Cafe and Bookstore in waterfront White Rock is just one of those moments. Across sparkling Boundary Bay sits Birch Head as the old timers call it Birch Point for those who come at a land perspective. And amazingly enough rising gently in the fog and haze of the day […]

  • Salish Sea

    I first came across this term as I started writing this journal and puzzled I made a note to explore it further to understand what it is and where the term comes from. Wikipedia gives us our first clues. An ancient name for the area stretching from the south of Puget Sound WA to the […]

  • Dall’s Porpoise

    “Lips like a moose” used to tease one of my classmates of girls with big lips. Dall’s porpoise have lips like that. It has a tiny head with a great big body with a little triangular dorsal fin. Like the orca it’s body is black and white with several different morph’s. Amazingly it is possible […]