Month: September 2006

  • Harbor Porpoise

    Harbor porpoise are vastly reduced in numbers in the Baltic Sea due to the beleif of fishermen that they reduce vaslty the numbers of fish available. And they are right. Each porpoise consumes several pounds of fish a day. In the San Juans it is the salmon gillnetters that struggle with these animals. They blunder […]

  • Pirates Day – September 19

    Okay a day late and a dollar short. But what kind of blog about the San Juans could not mention pirates day? Okay so we didn’t have Morgan or some of the other greats. But we did have our characters. In Bellingham in Fairhaven there is a statue dedicated to the fond memory of Dirty […]

  • Marine mammals

    Many first time visitors to the San Juan Island come to the see the Orca. Fascinating and spectacular they are only a small portion of the marine mammals that call Puget Sound home. My interest began with the porpoises that rolled by the sailboat as I went from island to island. Usually they were visible […]

  • History of the natural – San Juan Islands

    Natural history isn’t the strongest search term to name a blog – yet I want to post a ton of material that doesn’t fit under any rubric better than that. I’m interested in the San Juan Islands. Their human history, their geological history as well as their ecology – botany – and zoology. Not to […]